Flum GIO Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs 5% Nicotine

When I hear the term Flum Gio Flavors, I instantly think of a tropical punch with a hint of green apple. This is an excellent flavor and, because of its bright, fresh taste, it’s popular with a lot of different types of people. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s definitely a flavor you should try. It’s the perfect complement to any kind of cocktail, including fruit-based drinks, flavored vodkas, or even a sour drink.

Green Apple

Flum Gio Green Apple disposable vaporizer is a great device to vape with. It delivers an amazing flavor with only 8ml e juice. The pod holds thick e juice and produces a rich vapor.

This disposable vape features an ergonomic mouthpiece and a draw activated firing mechanism. It also comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from ten different flavors.

Flum Gio Green Apple disposable vaporizer has an 800 mAh battery. It offers a great flavor and is perfect for new vapers.

The device has an easy to use design and is easy to maintain. It comes in a compact shape and has a rubberized coating. The sleeve is soft and comfortable.

Flum Gio disposable vape pods come in a variety of flavors. Each pod can deliver three thousand puffs.

Strawberry POM

The new Flum Gio is an improved version of the popular disposable vape. It has an impressive range of flavors, an improved mouthpiece, and an 800mAh battery that offers about 3000 puffs per device. This vape also comes with 8ml of e-juice prefilled with 5% salt nicotine.

It’s the perfect portable vape pen. You don’t have to worry about keeping a pod filled, and you’ll find it very easy to use. Plus, you get a rich nicotine rush with every inhale.

Flum Gio Flavors Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs 5% Nicotine

Flum Gio is a compact device with a unique design. Its mouthpiece is soft and ergonomic. It’s also draw-activated, so you don’t have to push any buttons. A smooth vapor and a nice nicotine hit are the two things that many users report as the best parts of the vape.

Tropical Punch

Flum Gio is a disposable vape that comes in a variety of flavors. This e-cig has a number of interesting features that make it stand out from the pack.

First off, the Flum Gio E-Cigarette has an internal 800mAh battery that can provide you with a good 3000 puffs. The device also has an 8ml e-juice capacity that is more than enough to keep you satisfied. And it comes with all of the accessories you will need to get started.

Another cool feature is the large LCD screen. The device also has a unique design that is simple to use. In addition to the standard cigarette features, you will also find a soft rubberized coating that keeps the device from slipping.

Streamlined design

The new Flum Gio has been revamped and has a streamlined design. It offers an improved mouthpiece for smoother nicotine hits. Also, the new design has a more compact body and is easier to handle.

This is the latest in disposable vapes. It is made from a soft, silicone outer chassis and features an 800-mAH battery for easy use. The mouthpiece is also designed to be comfortable.

Another feature that makes the Flum Gio Disposable Vape stand out is the wide array of flavors available. There are many interesting, caffeinated options, as well as some fruity, fruity and tropical tangs. These are all available in the standard 8ml tank. You can expect to get approximately 3000 puffs from the device before it has to be disposed.

Similarities to Flum Float

Flum Float is a disposable vape pen with an innovative design. It comes with an 8ml pod and can deliver up to 3000 puffs. The Flum Float also has a long-lasting battery.

In terms of flavor, the Flum Float offers a wide array of different flavors. Its lychee, aloe pineapple, pina polo, mixed berries, strawberry ice cream, and cool mint flavors are just a few of the choices available.

Another great aspect about the Flum Float is its draw-activated design. This helps keep the device safe. But, this style of battery can degrade performance if exposed to water. Never submerge it in water.

Another advantage to this device is its affordability. Since it doesn’t require user interaction, it can help you switch to vaping from smoking.

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